Communicating on a one-to-one level is a key to success in today's business environment. Doing it without breaking the bank is what ZIP Digital is all about. The most cost-effective mass communication tool on the market. Zip Digital allows you and your company the ability to easily upload contacts, create contact lists, and schedule or instantly send SMS text messages, phone messages, and e-mail notifications.
> SMS Text
Zip Digital allows fast and easy test alerts. Now you can stay in touch with any customer to announce specials, share events details, send up-to-date information, or even just send a friendly "rent is due" notice.
> Call Blast
Zip Digital can automatically send a phone call notification to selected individuals or lists using the popular Call Blast feature. Audio messages can be easily created by uploading pre-recorded WAV files, or by recording a new message right over the phone using the Custom Audio feature. Zip Digital also offers text-to-speech technology that can transform text into easy-to-understand, automated voicing.
> E-mail Mass Notification
Easily create, send, and modify e-mail messages to individuals or lists directly from Zip Digital. No e-mail account is necessary and every recipient will be notified that your business is the one sending the message.
> Keyword Interaction
Good communication is a two-way street. With Zip Digital's powerful, yet simple keyword interaction technology, your company can acquire SMS keywords and create effective text-response campaigns. Every response is categorized and available to sift, sort, and analyze the results.
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