Whether your first contact is via phone, e-mail, web, or walk-in, Lead Tracker captures your prospect’s information so the opportunity won’t escape.  Lead Tracker, on its own, is a powerful CRM solution.  But combined with the tracking features of Call and Click Tracker, Lead Tracker can cost-effectively replace any expensive CRM software investments that may be bogging your budget down.  

How it works:

  1. View, share, and manage prospects among all team members.
  2. New phone and web leads are inserted into Lead Tracker, ready for follow-up.
  3. Take and share detailed notes for effective follow-up.
  4. Send prospects relevant sales information from a common document library.
  5. Schedule and set appointments quickly and easily.
  6. Prioritize leads with color-coded identifiers. Red means hot!
  7. Remotely identify and oversee sales activity.