Click Tracker follows potential clients from search engine to sales call. With Click Tracker, you know exactly which online marketing tools are working and from where your leads were generated. Detailed reporting allows you to spend online marketing dollars where they’re most effective and increase ROI.

How it works:

  1. Click Tracker auto-inserts a unique extension number into your website for each and every visitor.
  2. A call to each unique number is instantly routed to the phone of your choosing.
  3. The caller’s personal information is captured automatically and the conversation is recorded.
  4. The call is tracked and stored along with the user’s search terms and search engine.
  5. Click Tracker’s management tools allow you to compile the stored information into marketing reports that will tell you the following:
  • What search engines are driving traffic? { Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc… }
  • Which search terms are most effective, both paid and organic.
  • Exactly how many phone calls your specific online marketing generates, complete with all phone data.
  • Track effectiveness of Social Media campaigns.