Juice up your ROI with Call Tracker. This unique, powerful program uses phone data to determine the efficiency of your marketing efforts so you can focus your money and energy where it's most effective. Because Call Tracker records every phone call, you can also review conversations between your staff and incoming leads. This will help identify both the star performers and those in need of additional training, helping your business perfect your sales process from start to finish.
> National Toll-Free and Local Phone Numbers
With Call Tracker, you can purchase as many toll-free numbers as you need. Local numbers are also available for that "local" flavor.
> Click to Connect
The Click-to-Connect Feature uses call tracker numbers to easily turn your web views into live phone conversations.
> Call Recording and Analytics
Call Recording and Analytics allows you to store and track all your call information. In addition to detailed reporting, you'll be able to record, annotate, and email documented phone interactions, giving you powerful tools for analyzing and improving your customer service.
> Call Routing
Call Tracker's routing features allow you to route a Call Tracker number to up to 3 phones or devices. This feature is perfect for guiding ad sources directly to your sales or front desk, and allows you to handle calls 24/7.
> Custom Greetings
Call Tracker provides a personal touch to your on-hold and voicemail messages. Customized greetings can be professionally-voiced by using our Message-On-Hold service or you can upload your own pre-recorded message.