If an Indatus data network is like a nervous system, then our Data Management guys are the brain surgeons. Each of our technicians are highly trained, quick to respond, and only slightly geekish.  

Data Management means putting our experts to work for your company. From planning a network, to finding and purchasing equipment, and even down to removing a virus from that pesky PC, our team is up to the challenge.  You can pay a monthly fee to cover 24/7 service or you can buy hours of service from Indatus in blocks so you only pay for what you use.

Data Management Highlights:

  • Block of hours can be used for any of the various services Indatus offers.
  • 2-hour response time for service calls*.
  • Will be onsite, if necessary, within 4 hours of responding to a service call*.
  • Certified Cisco, NEC, Microsoft, BicSi, and many other fancy qualifications.
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Network Administration

*Available with a service contract